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ing had progressed may be gathered from the quaint cut on the

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purusy and often held definite official positions, such as physician

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of the surgeon generals in the German struggle for independence

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hands under certain conditions. As this tenet gained groimd,

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dyne, Huxham's tincture, James' powder, spiritus Mindereri, sarsaparilla de-

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at Geneva (1805),' and by L. Danielsson and E. Mann at Medfield, Massa-

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these commonly represented Moses' fiery serpent set upon a pole,

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geon's Guild, and, in 1720, on recommendation of the Town Coun-

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respectively of the different components mentioned, and the

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by wood-cuts, rare and curious in their kind, and the same thing

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and 64 times in a fever •and a rheumatism respectively. It is now

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craft, culminating in the famous edict of the Council of Tours,

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netically extracted from the patient's body and inoculated into a

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great crowd of people, they at length ranged themselves in a long

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(Lausanne, 175^-66). Of this great work. Sir Michael Foster says

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Although ignorant of Mendel's work, he rejected the theory of

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ziige" (1842-43)^ is perhaps the most important landmark in the

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l^n, X, 388-397), Nicolaus Prsepoeiti (Nicole Prevost), a French physician,

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popular surreal work in the eighteenth century, but Haller lectured

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the disinterested spirit of the refined amateur, so the law of the

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impostors. The eighteenth century was the age par excellence

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showing that, in reality, quickened lime loses something (CaCOa =

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sis by Richard Pfeiffer (1894), bacterial hemolysis by Jules Bordet (1898).

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animal or saw a wounded artery. The idea that this motion is along

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of Par6 onward, had attempted to operate for this condition, with

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than Tragus was Valerius Cordus (1515^44), the gifted Prussian

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tion and representing God, the number twelve represents the whole

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sel and Dresden). All these tooth-drawers have costumes evi-

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' Blumenbach: De generis humani varietate nativa, Gdttingen, 1776.

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introduction of any food into the stomach. Pavloff called this effect a "psy-

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of the iris consist of smooth muscle (1852) ;^ he had overthrown the

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wounds of the head without trephining, and performing operations

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The pupils at the Josephinum, like those in Berlin, were usually

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gery of the locomotor system by applying subcutaneous tenotomy to

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cultivated bearing, he acquired a large practice, and to him Wil-

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on a severe attack of paralysis. Even his pleasiu*e in such tokens of recognition