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were thrown into striking rehef in the teaching of Empedocles of

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movements of the heart, the lungs, and the muscles by plethysmo-

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* Wunderiich: Das Verbal ten der Eigenwarme in Krankheiten, Leipzig,

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The economy of energy is nowhere more manifest than in the

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rates, saw internal medicine in terms of surgery and saw surgery

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men who, imder the influence of those great morphologists, John

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"neurophlogoses'' and cholera into the catarrhs. The real merits

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enced and inspired his pupils for good as only a great man can.

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In the year 1500, Jacob Nufer, a sow-gelder, performed a suc-

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Of the many epidemic diseases which had beset Europe in the

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Drechsel (1889), proUn by Willstatter (1900) and EmU Fischer (1901),

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dissections and experiments; the treatment of fractures of the femur by

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« Post: Am. Med. and Phila. Register, N. Y., 1814, iv, 366-377.

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the first brief for a conservative attitude toward amputation (1761) ;

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* Schreyer: Erorterung und Erlauterung der Frage: Ob es ein eewiss

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Scattered through his writings are many luminous aphorisms which

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against the other like runners on time. He was the best surgeon, both for

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naud.^ The unfortimate candidate, drilled almost to extinction in the scho-

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charming picture, representing a handsome young doctor, in fur-

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out as a goldsmith's apprentice, married at sixteen, and was soon embarked in a

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the Lago di Gardo region, was at once a physician, poet, physicist,

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in the crystalline lens,* which, however, he erroneously attributed to some

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nius)^, was taught only by Sylvius, and perhaps by Barbeirac at

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in Amsterdam, Jan Sanders in the Prado, or the etching of Pieter

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This important law was followed by an ordinance of larger scoi>e

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by Moli^e is evidenced by an edict of the Elector of Brandenburg

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of Alexander the Great or were themselves influenced by it is not

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St. John Long, and the Zouave Jacob down to the days of Dowieism

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of the Medical and Phjrsical Sciences," which, in 1827, under the guidance of

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Hospital (1617), representing a body with exposed viscera, sur-

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him ready for a mount, in blue coat, nankeen riding-breeches,

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aja endenaic spirochetosis, in all probability syphilis.* The most interesting of

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mental morphologists and extra-vital tissue-growers of our own

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1 Brodie: Phil. Tr., 1811, 36-48. */Wd., 1811, 178-208: 1812, 205-227.

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sequent injection of urea into the veins caused a renewal of the urinary secre-

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tracting it and binding the woimded hand "sUng-wise in well-

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pelvic conditions by Hegar in Germany, and Lawson Tait in

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dictine order at Cluny, Fulda and elsewhere, provided with private

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ceived his medical degree in 1801. He was one of the earliest of

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