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for example, this little note which Garth scribbled to Sir Hans

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between surgery and medicine which had existed since Avicenna's

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sworn to the three articles of medical faith, viz., to obey all laws and observe

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the surgeons were given their own autonomy through the creation

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puerperal convulsions, epilepsy, epidemic parotitis, and some other

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case of mollities ossium (1742), and ranks with theessays of Huxham

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his method of staining the kidney-cells by the injection of indigo-carmin into

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of its pleasures. He was physician in chief to the celebrated hos-

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Scandinavian, Slavic or Celtic, Roman or Polynesian, have been

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┬╗Mott: Am. Jour. Med. Sc, Phila., 1828, iii, 100-108.

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(1890-93).^® After trying out the remedy in man, Behring began

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was a sensitif, who suffered unduly, in his life, from the captious

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urine by osmosis. In 1842.* Sir William Bowman, in describing the capsule

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the Tacamahaca has not cured, the Caranna will, with the more familiar Scam-

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of later times, from Ruysch to the Hunters and Dupuytren.

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body. Disease, however, depends upon localized irritation of some

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of painters that "formal manners being laid aside, essential

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moreover constructing the new method of direct investigation

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n^mak, but the subject took on a new light with the discovery of the auriculo-

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blood is changed from venous to arterial in the Ivmgs, but beyond

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seschichte des Hellenismus, " in Studien z. Gesch. d. Med. (Puschmann-Stif tung),

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is his Generelle Morphologie (1866), in which organisms and the

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Hunter, surgery was well taught only at Paris; before the time of the Monros,

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accidental fact that virulent cultures of chicken cholera virus, during a vacation

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pomorphisms and appeals to human conceit which have always

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is peculiarly his own. In them one senses the personal nobility of

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ant editions of Theophrastus are the two Aldines of 1497 (Greek)

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pupil, Russell Henry Chittenden (1856- ), of New Haven,

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The rise of the Old Yienna Schooli under Gerhard van Swieten

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as the originator of the idea of polyvalent drugs and sera. The

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exquisite deUcacy and accuracy of detail. Swanmierdam was

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whatever, but it was discovered that they were in collusion with

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began, toward the later period, to receive stipulated fees for their

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no less accomplished Anne de Parthenay from the court of

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Pavlofif improved the Heidenhain fistula by keeping the nerve-supply intact,

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He was president of the Royal Society during 1895-1900, received

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The value of the first edition of Rokitansky's treatise on pathologi-

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1 J. Abemethy: Phil. Tr., London, 1793, 59-68, 2 pi.

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the pure sciences can progress be made. The isolateu academic

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ject of monographs by Lind (1753) and Trotter (1786). Against

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surgeons for ocular catarrhs and mentioned by Celsus (vii, cap. xii, sect. 15).

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Thousand, at the end of the fifth century. There were again mid-

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the heart-beat is attributed to the action of extrinsic or intrinsic

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proximal stump of a severed nerve eventually imdergoes atrophy.^

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and 6 in 1649-99. German medical instruction in this period

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