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while plants can synthetize their complex materials, ATiim^lH have

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proved successful. By 1798 he had 23 cases, which he embodied

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grams," or photographs made directly on an excised retina, and his

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medicine and by substituting the use of the cautery for the knife.

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ยป T. S. Perry: The Evolution of the Snob, Boston, 1887, pp. 57-60.

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medical profession in London for over thirty years, his income

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the ear, as also a trocar, a cannula, and a hygroscope. His medical

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experience of being pensioned oflf at seventy, retiring to a hermit-

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them fictitious), and studying their bodily structure. He noted

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Eiver Dee (Aberdeenshire) which was held to make barren women

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this surgical treatises.^ Petit's pupil, Dominique Anel (1628-1725),

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Anatomie. Med.-Ztg. (Verein f. Heilk. in Preussen), Berlin, 1846, xv, Lit. Bei-

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only surgeon who coidd have taught them properly. In Ireland,

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most important service to therapeutics by dispelling current super-

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with mdwelling spirits in all things, was applied to whatever could

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mind, their intensive modes of thought and their appreciation of

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exploration. In the first edition (1819), Laennec pursues the

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them to the profane until they have been initiated into the mysteries of the

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There are then three ways in which Principles may be used.

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thority during the Dark Ages. Like Galen, Oribasius took all

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physiology of respiration, from Borelli to Magnus, was almost

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pamphlets"; and of the book in question, John Jones's "Plain, Concise, Prac-

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Pharmacopoeias of the time were Philemon Holland's Latin translation from

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^^b is used, and in quite a number, notably in those representing

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complete (1658). and a catalogue of the plants around Basel. His "Theatrum

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original bent of his mind is shown in his inquiries into the effects

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1 Bernard: Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc., Paris, 1848, xxvii, 249; 253; 514;

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their injury (1859-63) f and he had made his mark in surgery by

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many references in the modem period have been omitted, as they

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* Ztschr. f . Hyg. u. Infektionskr., Leipzig, 1893, xiv, 393-426.

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so skilled in metallurgy, dyeing, distillation, preparing leather,

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as among the Homeric heroes, and Lycurgus classed them as non-

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before John Hunter's time. Pierre Brasdor (1721-97) is also

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* De naturalibus facultatibus, London, Pynson, 1523.

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"medical humanists. " The sack of Mainz, by Adolph of Nassau,

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The physiological chemistry of the nineteenth centuiy was rich in the

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(Rowlandson, 1786), Transplantation of Teeth (Rowlandson,

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(1884), made many investigations on tuberculosis, and he was,

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founders of the Royal Society and president of the Royal College

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surgical instrument was in all probability not the specialized leaf-

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* Wien. med, Wochenschr., 1883, xxxiii, 1550; also described by John E.

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as disease, was referred back to Galen as a fibaal authority, from

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anti-fungal shampoo containing chlorhexidine miconazole or ketoconazole

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