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monocoty ledonous and dicotyledonous. Ray ' * stood for the whole plant, ' ' as the

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arrangement of muscular fibers in the heart. Other important investigations

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omy, benjamin Winslow Dudley (1785-1870) was especially successful, having

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the ovum of the Anoclon, usually lyink outside the nucleus and often paired.

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Paracelsi")ยป a part of the pharmacopeia, and r^arded zinc as an

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in 154i, and after a roving life as a practitioner in many European cities, he

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non-medical man for many of its innovations. As Oliver Wen-

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work which was the canonical treatise on medicine for a hundred

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Perhaps his greatest work is the "De Pulmonibus" (1661), which

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and the Danube region* by 1703, it was devastating the Ukraine, whence,

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Skeleton from Persian MS. No. 2296, India OflSce, London. B: Skeleton in

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pathology. Even long after the publication of Morgagni's great

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Balfour, Hertwig and Minot is part and parcel of the doctrine of the nucleated

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Parry, and the Hunters. On the continent we find Werlhof,

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function, for granted. Robbers came out of the neighbouring

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property of all human tissues (1677).^ Glisson's view of this

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medical authorities of antiquity. In the different universities,

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Roonhuyze and Deventer did much to improve the status and

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of Maryland and Virginia passed laws to moderate them. In

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* Untersuchungen tiber die Eingeweide der Fische, Berlin, 1845, p. 11.

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such natural antiseptics as extreme dryness, smoke (creosote),

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in fertilizing a non-nucleated piece of sea-urcmn egg with the sperm of another

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J^Pfesents a monk, with retort and pentagram, looking very like the usual

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(1893-98).^ Sherrington expanded the theoretical concept of the

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lus (Weber-Fechner law), since the curve produced is a logarithmic

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Stephanus of 1516 (Latin translation of Ruellius), the rare bilin-

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physicians, who have been bribed to pronoxmce the latter insane, hold a solemn

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Carl Wernicke (1897-1904) on the brain. Frozen sections, in-

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graphs collected after his death by his distinguished son (1859)'

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^ Bizzozero: Di un nuovo elemento morfologico del sangue, Milan, 1883.

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practical advice to the surgeon as to the conduct of his professional

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his moral character would dispose him to declare himself a

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own medical ministrants falling into evil ways. Even the sp>ecial

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about medicine in their canvases, although a few portraits of

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Massachusetts General Hospital (1811) and of the Warren Mu-

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special scientific advancement of the art of healing. We do

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quack James Graham, in the ministrations of which Emma Lyon,

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(1757)*: Tronchin on lead colic (1757)*; Mestivier's operated case of appendici-

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regarded, in each case, as a particular and expensive social func-

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This motif of wine bibbing and general pleasaunce was frequently

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for the fiddle-faddle of antiseptic precautions The obvious boon of immunity

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Moritz Schiff (1823-96), of Frankfort on the Main, a pupil of Magendie

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mont, Tiedemann, Gmelin, Pettenkofer, and attained its highest

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sion of the whole matter was reached in a series of beautmil and convincing

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burial in Westminster Abbey. Pope has embalmed him in a

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upon the composition of the drug itself. Whenever many differ-

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enthrall, mankind than material systems ; and as it was by the

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unbroken circuits being maintain^ by the fact that these tissues are all moist

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Into the faces of the learned of his time he thrust his facts ; he

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post apostema calidum in renibus et post febrem ejus." Saliceto: Liber in

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eral parts, Virchow declined to see anything in Charcot's ataxic

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with the flexible, wily Greek of later times, nor with the subtle,

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