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which was successful.^ He also made the first complete excision of
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Drake's masterpiece, two of his earlier pamphlets should not be
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eve's perennial Uttle treatise on tropical pediatrics (1841). Aside from the
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this vital spot have been in dispute down to the present time, the
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Rosicrucian, and van Helmont, who attributed the cure to animal
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published the results of two years' work in two papers,' the second
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at Padua (1599-1603) as a pupil of Fabricius and Casserius, and
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not unlike that of Claude Bernard. He is said to have visited
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drifted over from far Byzantium, but the evidence of the Niebel-
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Before the time of Pasteur, Leeuwenhoek had seen protozoa (1675) and
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have visited."^ MonkemoUer's researches on Grerman psychiatry
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and cider presses, which were not so employed in other counties
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subclavian inside the scalenus, together with the common carotid and vertebral
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investigations, particularly those on the origin and structure of the placenta
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" Purkinje and Pappenheim: Ueber ktbistliche Verdauung, Muller's Arch.,
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which drove the hermits to the desert and foimded the monas-
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while plants can synthetize their complex materials, ATiim^lH have
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out of teaching at the university, where the professors were ceU-
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skin, to swallow all sorts of abominations, and to pay for all this,
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» T. S. Perry: The Evolution of the Snob, Boston, 1887, pp. 57-60.
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Calcutta and Madras; but it was not until well after Clive's victory at Plassey
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* See J. J. Walsh: Old-Time Makers of Medicine, New York, 1912, pp.
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stimulate secretion, contrary to received opinion. Chischin, Pavloff's pupil,
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edition of his "Essay on the Diseases and Organic Lesions of the
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only, viz., the capillary anastomosis between arteries and veins,
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The monograph is embellished with a picture of the dog employed,
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is a corpse.^ Crile's important studies of surgical shock show the
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The most interesting part of the Ebers Pap3rrus is the last section
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required to treat the poor for nothing; to visit his patients twice a
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thority during the Dark Ages. Like Galen, Oribasius took all
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ity, his courses were soon followed by enthusiastic students in
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Listerian protective. Gersdorflf's book contains some of the
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ceremonial object, these primitive "celts," as they are called, have
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bellum to the Voltaic pile, in that it augments and reenforces the voluntary
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induction nor experiment. Grown-up men accepted such a tissue
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Giovanni Battista della Porta (1536-1615), of Naples, who in-
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* Ztschr. f . Hyg. u. Infektionskr., Leipzig, 1893, xiv, 393-426.
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as among the Homeric heroes, and Lycurgus classed them as non-
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* De naturalibus facultatibus, London, Pynson, 1523.
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forbidden to practise, and declaring that no one could be a master
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1887, and in Robert Mullerheim's " Die Wochenstube in der Kunst, " Stuttgart,
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left them the hall, library, and plate, only appropriating to them-
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stone, and the elixir of life. In the spacious and gloomy chambers
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1250,^ and commented upon by the "Four Masters'' a little later,
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insufflated lungs, and concluded that its consequent bright color
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branch into dendrites, forming arborizations. The material continuity of the
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exploring the esophagus and the stomach (1881),® first treated
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The eager, inquiring spirit of Renaissance humanity, greedy as
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introduction of tuberculin,* his one mistake, in that it was prematurely con-
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years' deliberation, the latter met and honorably acquitted him
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transfusion of blood (1615). His "Alchymia" is divided into
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Young, Carnot, Fourier, Kirchhoff, Clausius, HelmJioltz, Ohm, Maxwdl, Lord
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All of Bernard's greatest discoveries were based upon acci-
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ophyll by Hoppe-Seyler, and to the "side-chain" theory of inmiunity by Paul
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common artistic gift, and Charles, in particular, illustrated his
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