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8 Atlee: The Surgical Treatment of Certain Fibrous Tumors of the
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reviled by Guy de ChauUac as a copyist and plagiarist, probably be-
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* See, Oswald Cockayne, Leechdoms, wortcunning and starcraft of early
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by means of an artificial biliary fistula in a dog, that bile is abso-
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seizieme siecle, que c'etait un resultat des jeux de la nature, un
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other medical man he resembles the Father of Medicine in his
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* Rush: Medical Observations and Inquiries, Philadelphia, 1789, v, 104-
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which contains the following sentence: "On laying bare the roots
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devoted Asclepiad. The memory of Malpighi is one of " sweetness
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be the elimination of the supernatural from the matter. This
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Desault (1744-95) and Bichat (1771-1802). lets by Alexandre Donn6
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Paean," as applied to physicians. Legend relates that a knowledge
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Kampf , the supposititious causa causans of most human ills being
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clinical surgeons of first rank before Hunter's time, William
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the sonorous and sibilant "rdles," and other well-recognized signs
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(1540), Dirlewang (1549), and soon, imtil we find Fran9oisRousset
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M^d commonly charged a guinea as an office fee, two guineas or more for
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tube, from a dairy-maid how to prevent smallpox, and from an old market-
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genuine child of nature. WiUiam Clowes (1540-1604) was
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was the founder of modem knowledge of the epithelial tissues of
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tion which can be suppressed by heating the culture-mediimi and
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freely upon the work of his contemporary De Hery, Pare calmly
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the organization of American medical education, John Morgan and
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shaved his father is styled "der gute Chirurgus." Even Theden,
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results of compulsory vaccination in Prussia and Holland, where
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writers even maintain that Aristotle, who lived about this time, got
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of the time had known how to group and coordinate symptoms and
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hol, were Brown's favorite agents. Hippocrates said that no
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view was confirmed experimentally by Henry Newell Martin and Edward M.
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clinical teaching in Germany, introducing examinations of the
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lenized form of which is so strikingly set forth in the fourth book
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metabolism, must first be converted into imorganized (circulating) proteid,
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said to be unknown among the Esquimos. This cannot be due
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Bechtereff, Striimpell, and Marie. His essay On the Cryptoganums
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of the nerve current (1850-52), which was avowedly suggested by du Bois
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still in the Ptolemaic stage of ideas ; we are still anthropocentric.
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Agriculture, the practice of which, he says — and he was, I suppose,
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notably with acid fuchsin (1882). He also made investigations
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M. Josse, in MoUfere's "L' Amour M^decin," archly opines that
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known physicians and letters of advice written by them to imagi-
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After the publication of his classic on the cell theory in 1839,*
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entitled Les Abus des medecins ; 1 in which I will not seek for
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made during extensive travel. The first volume is a wonder-
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the gods, became, by natural association of ideas, a divine right of kings, and
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manuscripts, and the earlier centuries of the Mohammedan period
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" Camochan: Am. Med. Monthly, New York, 1854, i, 180-188.
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sort of "missing link" between the anthropoid apes and man, only added fuel
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their several survivals in the new Europe. These disciplines and