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Metoclopramide Drug Classification

1 Coindet: Ann. de chim. et phys., Paris, 1820, xv, 49-59.

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cine and contains some of the best monographs of the period.

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what unseasonable and ill-advised attacks on the neuron theory

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tical Remarks on the Treatment of Woimds and Fractures" (New York,

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British anatomists and surgeons of the period, including his

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Lancisi (1655-1720), of Rome, who was physician to several popes,

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dialogues and the idyls of Theocritus, the city-bred Greeks were a

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structures they discovered. VaroUus, in particular, made some

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The idea that certain numerals can be sacred or malignant is of

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tive pathologist of his time. It is said that when the latter read

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countries, and our own. Such a scheme was tried devotedly

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the beginning of the nineteenth century, was largely the creation

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laxis as well as of human charity. Billings characterizes the true

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he did most to establish ovariotomy in France. His principal

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of post-mortem appearances which the Hebrews gained through

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of which his description of dementia paraljrtica is perhaps the

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that both anatomy and chemistry are useless in medicine. He

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he appeared clad in a lilac suit, playing upon a harmonica, touching

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surgeon of his day. He tied the subclavian artery twice (1811-15),*

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stitions about these curious concoctions, and banishing them

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day by day, studied his anatomy of the human figure without the

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geography, climatology and anthropology, if we except the con-

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air and water, and against which long litanies or incantations were

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simple time" (Merry Wives of Windsor, Act III, sc. III.)-

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the modems. In the preventive medicine of the future, the name

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ride the storm, they drive the volcano. Happily however ideas,

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himself regarded natural selection "as the main, but not the ex-

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and Albertus Magnus. The medieval logicians did good service

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(1842)^ was the first formal treatise on the subject, introducing the

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of reduction are practically those of modem times. He was par-

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vants the physicians to embalm his father" (Gen. l, 2), that King

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tween his surgical peers, the rude, outspoken Hunter, and the

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* See A. Hrdhcka: Bur. Am. Ethnol., Bull. No. 34, 231-253, and Yager:

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pylorus of an infant." The first medical periodical of the period

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language and hterature; and in 16iB5 Colbert founded the Academic des

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of Saliceto were very ably upheld by his pupil, Lanfranchi of Milan,

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the new views of Koch and Behring about toxins and antitoxins

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gress in 1777 and Shippen was appointed in his place. Morgan

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zymes. Drechsel discovered that the protein molecule contains di- as well as

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gland. Descartes grasped the dynamic importance of Harvey's

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» Koeberl^: M6m. Acad, de m^d., Paris, 1862-63, xxvi, 371-472, 6 pi.

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catalysts, the exquisite economy of energy in vital processes;

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attitude of an interpreter or expositor of "the best that has been

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Saxony in 1770, it was not until 1776 that Maria Theresa consented to do away

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were Ralph, the Judicial Astrologer, who presumably purged and

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time. He was the first to point out that aphasia is correlated with

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personal cleanliness. With this idea in mind, he also made a

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The founder of the modem French school of dermatology was

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vented less than twenty years before ana that he himself had seen and con-

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(1745) at the University of Leyden. Albinus edited the works of

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cannot be diminished nor augmented. If it were otherwise — that

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achievements are sometimes overlooked on account of the mean-