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Promethazine Dm Syrup High Blood Pressure

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' The " Frauendienst " ^ves a ludicrous sidelight on the excesses of chivalry,

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(1859), Pfla^er (1865), Grehant, and Leonard HiU (1895). The other gas of

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To our wonder we see that, even within such tiny spheres, some

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sewage system for Berlin, and, as president of many different so-

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India oflBce at London and the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

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of anthrax, chicken cholera, and swine measles [raugetdes pores) brou^t out the

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Italian universities at Padua (1222), Messina (1224), and Naples

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and subsequently the right vertebral, for subclavian aneurysm in 1864," ex-

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which date back to at least 1000 B. C, but we may assume that,

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thing which Schwann afterward did so much to overthrow.

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Toward the end of the century, Samuel Thomas von Soem-

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Of the condition of medicine under the Romans, considerable

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of the effects of the testicular and ovarian secretions upon the

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bases will increase uric-acid excretion (1886), and that, 'in birds, the latter is

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as probably in the case of pulmonary tuberculosis, may depend

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The universities and medical academies, the state examinations,

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at Urbino (1631), Venice (1631), Breslau (1631), Ingolstadt (1634), Frankfort

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paper on Columbus in St. Louis Med. Rev., October 20, 1906.

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briel Metsu in the Hermitage, Frans van Mieris in the old Pina-

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were abeady prescribing the mercurial inunctions which had been used as far

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families; and by Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1748-1836) of

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told, were fain to regard such operations as meddling with the

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foi a mes escrits . . . je prouve en plusieurs endroits la theorique

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car and experienced no apparent pain, although his foot had been taken off

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In addition, Gurdon Buck (1807-77), of New York, successfully ligated the fem-

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stitution was described by Richard Bright in 1815 as a fanciful, four-

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spirit ; but he has the vivid picturesqueness of Montaigne,

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the Bronze and Iron Ages, and of these, the real beginnings of

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in Charleston, South Carolina, Kirkpatrick had inoculated between 800 and

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Ludwig, Henle, Hyrtl, and others, goes to show that the most price-

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to account for this as far as the nerve-cell itself was concerned, but the great

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Roux has compared to the action of a blow-pipe flame, Pasteur

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a Uttle, but, as soon as monks and clerics began to practise medicine,

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Galen is his monograph on the physiologic and teleologic aspects

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stance, that Biblical leprosy (zaraath), of which Naaman was

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assassin. Apart from the writings of a private Utt^rateur like

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diseases occur with extreme frequency in one class of animals

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needed and discussed, can thrive and develop. For such

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ual (ontogeny) tends to recapitulate the developmental history of the racial

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former centuries. Malarial fever, influenza and scarlatina were often pandemic ;

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not last long, see J. J. Walsh, "The Thirteenth Greatest of Centuries," New

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fever as it occmred in the troops of the Parliamentary Wars

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Important original monographs on tropical diseases were John Peter Wade

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ecker, "came under the influence of his enchanting personality."

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made to grow by chemical forces, Liebig repUed: "I would more

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" J. C. Peyer: De glandulis intestinorum, Schafifhausen, 1677.

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