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Is 20mg Of Prednisone A High Dose In Dogs

let blood, set broken bones, treat wounds and syphilis, but were not

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* Described in Chischin's St. Petersburg dissertation, 1894.

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of the profession in the seventeenth century. In the Rembrandt

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than the inhibitory, nerve of the heart, from his results on stimulation of the

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Ugatures in the surgery of the vascular system (1880).^ He boldly

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during 1709-10. The epidemic suddenly disappeared after a hurricane wnich

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changes in the Pharmacopceia of 1746. The effect of his destructive criti-

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case is "a mutiny of the humors," is fairly typical, the patient

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Sydenham, Glisson, and the Swiss physician, Theodore Turquet

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gated the reunion and regeneration of divided nerves (1776),^ the

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secretions, especially in relation to metabolism, were Claude Ber-

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The seventeenth century, as we have seen, was the age par

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day, and his "Institutiones" (1708) were translated even into

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Ruellius, Matthiolus, Cesalpinus, Cordus — accepted his emenda-

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heredity experimentally in 1871. His observations upon the inheritance of

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glomerulus. Ludwig's theory (1843-44)* starts with the idea that the secretion

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In Great Britain anatomic study received a mighty impulse

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lius and Columbus reek a little too much of the Bamum's show-billfor modem

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discovered tne sarcinic and aspergillic forms of mycosis in the limgs and bron-

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away from his tiresome surroundings. On his way back, in 1564,

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cassar oil, men-midwives, metallic tractors, phrenology, and other

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sp)ecting the urine in a most judicial way, often holding it up to

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(1839-75), who did much experimental and editorial work in physics and

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all medical history, Albrecht von Haller (1708-77), the master

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cupied with the various cranial ''bumps'' which located the specific amative-

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diseases. Greek medicine, as Osier has said, "had a triple rela-

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atics (1787).* These and many others were all gathered together

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with atlas (1832), important for its historical data, and once

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and disease of the suprarenal capsules ("melasma suprarenale")*

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^ These Roman gods were worshiped under fanciful but appropriate names,

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what was "kosher" and "trepha," threw a light upon pathologic

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' Des inflammations sp^ales du tissu muqueux et en particulier de la