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* The writer once had the privilege of hearing an account of Pastein* in

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Johannes Mtiller (1801-58). (From a chalk drawing in the Surgeon Greneral's

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*Jgastric," or "nervous." Baglivi described tjrphoid as "mesenteric fever";

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celestium. Copernicus himself nursed his ideas in secret till his

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first to distinguish between conglomerate and conglobate glands,

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plant bearing the signature of the disease, so that it may attract

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which we have referred. Not the least among these is the famous

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vincial hospitals at York (1710), Salisbury (1716), Cambridge (1719), Brwtol

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materials for good statistics. Its value was shown by Foumier

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Stokes-Adams disease.^ His treatises on diseases of the chest

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borough (1649) in the Barber's Hall, London, the short, lace-edged

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an internist. His theory of medicine was simple. The human

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(Plate III). Gillray and Rowlandson, those masters of the coarse

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gone back from English to French ; and soon after, under Henry

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• Avicenna, Canon, sect. Ill, tract. II, cap. XXI.

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358 dissections and 1960 clinical cases, and pointing out the fre-

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of the most important items of which is the proposal of preven-

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medieval theologians, such Pantheism as this could be no less than

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Hayem and Boas in internal medicine, Romberg, Moll and Freud

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Yasuhori Tambu in 892, which describes these surgical novelties.

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neath, and the plated belt which brass-workers had forged. But

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green-com feast), much as our forefathers used zodiacal calendars

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at need, avert them. He was also the god of purity and well-

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as an internist, neurologist, and teacher. The volume of mono-

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(1866), the intestinal plexuses by Auerbach and Meissner (1862), the secretory

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Robert Liston (1794-1847), of Scotland, was an Edinburgh

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to be esteemed, in the first instance, no doubt, for their rarity,

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in the laboratory. So complete and mischievous however has

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cant humors. In Italy, where the functions of the physician and

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religious prejudice from practising among the wealthy, made an average in-

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or cellular side by Elie Metchnikoff (1845- ), the eminent

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stomach and the joints, and collaborated in an atlas (1892) and a

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amputating an arm, 41 marks for a leg, 51 marks for a lithotomy, or half price

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* Cited by O. W. Holmes, " Medical Essays, " Boston and New York,

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published his results a week later.* The effect of these discoveries

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period was nebulous philosophic speculation, insanity being still

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concerned, so that the true function of the nervous system is to inte-

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the cornea and of the morphology and development of the larynx.

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to "die out asymptotically" in indefinite or infinite time. iEsculapius

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mathematician and astronomer, a physicist, a microscopist, or a

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Williamsburgh, Virginia, which was chartered in 1772 and opened

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theory of infection, his "Treatise on the Continued Fevers of

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"Soemmerring: Abbildungen . . . einigcr Missgeburten, Mainz,

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right side of the lower jaw, after tying the carotid artery, in 1821 ;^

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to become a separate faculty, decided to make the best of a bad

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ideal, identity, imponderables, polarities, irritability, metamor-

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gical anthology ("Cyrurgia") of 1498 and 1499. Theodoric was

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