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jriesd). Small-pox was so common everywhere that it was taken for granted
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Miescher, and of paranuclein by Lubavin. He first obtained lecithin in the
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John Kearny Rodgers (1793-1851), of New York city, a pupil of Wright Post,
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Brahmin priests and scholars, and the center of medical education
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by Willis m 1660.^ Infantile conjunctivitis was first reported in America in
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The personal power of healing, in the first instance, always an attribute of
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clic systems with reversible circular motions (as in the gyroscope or the governor
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ments were found at Pompeii. Herniotomy and plastic surgery
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far to the opposite extreme of exaggerated sobriety and apparent
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German instead of Latin (1840), and was the founder of modem
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work on touch and temperature sense (Der Tastdnn und das Ge-
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Of parasites producing disease, that of favus was discoveredT)y Sch5nlein
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