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elaborated train of reasoning, a miracle of syllogism in its way,

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they were rather philosophisers on nature than naturalists ; and

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CU8 medico-gallicus (Geneva, 1680-85). The abortive Journal de MSdecine

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Branch quarries in the District of Columbia, the process of shaping

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in the Prado at Madrid, and, among the Dutchmen, those of

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Specificity in Biology. — When Professor Nuttall demon-

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John Hunter's, and sometimes called the Father of American Sur-

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pioneers in the surgery of the vascular system, in experimental

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his book, with its interesting plates, gives the first accurate

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Heim, in Berlin, got 4200 marks from 784 patients, 6600 marks from 393 pa-

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passed into the hands of the priesthood, the wolf-men gave place

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operative treatment of difficult or incurable cases, and, when they

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medicine lies, as Neuburger rightly says, in the institution of social

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Prout (1785-1850), an English chemist, was able to prove, by

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too minute, because, having no accurate nomenclature to guide

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needs of the times. These were the words which are said to

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ever, with such articles of barter as com (in New England), to-

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diffusion of gases (1829-31),* his investigation of osmotic force (1854),^ and

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absurd "water-casters" of a later time. He is memorable as the

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monotheism and the dialectic tendencies of Galen and Aristotle

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showed that the oi^anisms of tJie piemicious and the tertian and qxiartan

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the Athenian democracy had attained its highest point of develop-

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ism, and by his description of the itch-mite (Acarus scabiet) he

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but his people being Tories in the Revolutionary period, he must

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and by Walter Bumham, of Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1853,» and, in the same

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The physical principle of Conservation of Energy was demonstrated by

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Among the earlier chemical investigations of importance to medicine were

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regards as almost a criterion of whether the infection will be

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new method as we presume Bacon to have been then in

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for extracting stones from the bladder and foreign bodies from

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were often vaguely described as "pest," had the highest mortality, especially

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cases of King Wenzel, the chorister of Mainz (1473), and Peter Martyr's

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* Winterbottom: An Account of the Native Africans, London, 1803, vol.

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with lessened power of coordination and adaptation, initiated much

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sufficiency which characterized the Greeks of the period. We may

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* Simon: Die Exstirpation der Milz am Menschen, Giessen, 1867.

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1883, Lister generously declared him to be his forerunner; and, in

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number of these leper hospitals in all the Germanic cities of the

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artist were more popular and attractive than his persistent and

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putrefaction is produced by living bodies, which are themselves

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1 Xenophanes of Colophon, the Eleatic (6th c. B.C.) observed fossil plants and animals,

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the Arabic period. We see the great theorists of the time, as Emer-

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been close upon the germ-layer concept when he saw that the

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were brought to a high point of specialization and polish, but in

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to clinical medicine, Purkinje was the first to study the vertigo

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one of these in a public discussion, was overtaken by the fatal

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common and, before attempting the major operations, a sleeping

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