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promethazine 25 mg uses
especially for anatomy and surgery. Hence the surprising ignor-
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by Dr. Norman Moore to be "the very best surgical writings of
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Fischer admits, Bacon was no mathematician ; now natural
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allude. The bearing of these dietetic researches upon practice,
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(1776), and Benjamin Rush (1781), with the Waterhouse pamphlets on vao-
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lated by Dimsdale, and, in the same year, Ingen Housz inoculated three of the
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instance, its aversion had the same human significance as the well-
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unnoticed until Corvisart took it up in 1808, one year before its
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dendrites with afferent (cellulipetal) functions. Upon these countless neurons
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beginnings of shamanism we have everywhere the advent of the
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genuine natural research in those of his contemporaries who
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leptics that *'if they imitate a goat, or grind their teeth, or if their right side
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dren in July, 1800,^ procuring his virus from Dr. Haygarth of Bath, England.
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pear in 1758. With the verification of this prediction, it was perceived that
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ceeded by Zimmermann and Wichmann, who, says Baas, flourished
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highest part of surgery, and "his vocation was more to heal limbs
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vant, the fee was five or two shekels respectively. If the doctor
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showed little submission or respect toward his rivals, and out of
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dilapidation but also as phases of biology. Each advancing
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the foundation of his subject. He restored the use of the knife,
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piles) afterward appeared in the Pharmacopoeia as compound
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to clinical medicine, Purkinje was the first to study the vertigo
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special importance is the clinical and pathologic work which was
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Surgery became a science in recent times, not so much through
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imaginative, artistic peoples of Ionia and the islands were inter-
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ment, became more and more a matter of course, following the de-
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(wormwood, tamarind, rhubarb) and drastic (scammony, colo-
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of Prague and Dietl of Cracow were the extremists in therapeutic
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generally, and negative for other substances, which, when eaten, might cause a
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van't Hoff and LeBel. and brilliantly appli^ to the structural theory of chlor-
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is the doctrine of amulets and talismans and, of course, the ap-
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internists of the seventeenth century are strikingly revealed in the
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phate to the nasal mucous membrane in hay-fever (1869).^ As a
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and movements of the body. He even notes the ominous symptom
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the thirteenth century, 2000 of which were in France alone. Vir-
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1684) who proved that a lummous eye is due to reflection of light,
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his death (Amsterdam, 1737), comprising some 53 plates .with
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describing the morbid appearances of each organ in systematic
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ness of this everlasting flower was an issue in each leg, of which I
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Washington^ a buckeye or horse-chestnut {Mscuhis flatms)^ an
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the teachings of Christ. For while the germ of the hospital idea
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He invented new physiological instruments, such as the improved mercurial
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most ancient of professional figures. Engelmann's careful ethnic
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Johns Hopkins University (1884), where he has turned out a long
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1677, were shown, in a filtration experiment of Spallanzani's, to be essential
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on analytic psychology, m particular his Medicinische Psychologies or Psy-
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Robert Whytt (1714r-66), of Edinburgh, a pupil of Monro
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promethazine and codeine syrup
Andr6 Levret (1703-80), who improvecf the forceps and extended its use
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different surgical instruments, including scalpels, lancets, saws,
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*J. S. Billings: "The History and Literature of Surgery" (Dennis's
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of error, which is the very essence of the scientific spirit. As
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intestinal absorption is largely due to the work of Kuhne (1877), Heidenludn
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telligence more beautifully and nobly shown than in the master-
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Pearson, who either claimed priority or acted upon the parlia-
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* A definitive and complete edition of the Greek text of iEtius still remains
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helped to make him one of the most brilliant and skilful operators
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in casting discredit upon the sometimes murderous vagabond
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Moreover there are contingent conditions to be reckoned
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emotions^ Stanley Hall's study of Laura Bridgman (1879),* the work of Romanes,
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dwarf in his painting of Count Thomas Anmdel and wife (Old
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Pennsylvania Hospital (1783-1813), the chief foimder of the Phila-