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Periactin For Weight Gain In Toddlers

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the disease, Huxham, as we have seen, recommended a vegetable

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note the correlation of retinal hemorrhage with tmnors of the

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As early as 707 A. D., the Caliph El WeUd had foimded a hospital

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tensive knowledge of Mohammedan theology, law, philosophy,

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of parts, and took a firm stand against the cmrent theory that the

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was gauged by the height of his turban and the richness and length

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indica)f the mandrake (Atropa mandragora), henbane {Hyoscy-

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the temperature relations of brainless animals subjected to arti-

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Egyptians, or in ritual circumcision by the Hebrews in the desert,

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all military peoples, they were narrowly jealous, suspicious or

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probably more ape-like than the Australian savage; in the Solu-

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tian Rosencreutz. The doctrine of the Rosicrucians emanated

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at the Hotel [Dieu, Par6 became an army surgeon eight years

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that many fractures so healed did not escape shortening. Elliot

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determination of the proper time for purging and blood-letting

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tion which came to a head in the Revolution of 1848. During this

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his lectures were illustrated, and whereby he endeavoured to

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cution. To those who can appreciate the fine individualism of the

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The discovery of spectacle-lenses has been variously attributed to the Chinese,

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torian does not harmonize with the great frequency of rheumatoid

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« Camochan: Am. Jour. Med. Sc, Phila., 1867, n. s., liv, 109-115.

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and more accessible to modems than Stahl or Barthez, Bordeu

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ment from one university to another; a professor would sometimes

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criminal. The diet — soup, warm beer, a few vegetables and salad

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which he holds large hospitals responsible for the spread of epi-

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dyk at an enormous expense to the author, and representing the

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Sir William Fergusson (1808-77), of Prestonpans, Scotland, was

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forming this operation for carotid and iUac aneurysms in 1857,

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(1855). Other studies of the pulse were made by Landois, von Kries, and

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"arcana," or intrinsic principles of drugs, to a spark, he grasped

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can be a genuine self-induced sleep brought about by a fixed stare

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the first time, a careful, systematic, and thoroughgoing examina-

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clever stratagem succeeds in making Argan relent his purpose, as well as in

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nia, who, in 1820, with Matthew Carey, founds the "Philadelphia Journal

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* Wunderiich: Das Verbal ten der Eigenwarme in Krankheiten, Leipzig,

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The economy of energy is nowhere more manifest than in the

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rates, saw internal medicine in terms of surgery and saw surgery

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men who, imder the influence of those great morphologists, John

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"neurophlogoses'' and cholera into the catarrhs. The real merits

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enced and inspired his pupils for good as only a great man can.

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In the year 1500, Jacob Nufer, a sow-gelder, performed a suc-

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Of the many epidemic diseases which had beset Europe in the

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Drechsel (1889), proUn by Willstatter (1900) and EmU Fischer (1901),

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dissections and experiments; the treatment of fractures of the femur by

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« Post: Am. Med. and Phila. Register, N. Y., 1814, iv, 366-377.

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the first brief for a conservative attitude toward amputation (1761) ;

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* Schreyer: Erorterung und Erlauterung der Frage: Ob es ein eewiss

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