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Altacet Masc Cena

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London" (1751-54), and his original descriptions of diphtheric

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to prove his hypothesis by imprisoning steam under his neigh-

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and in the Napoleonic wars. At Waterloo, Guthrie successfully

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a Spanish physician, in a book written by him in 1735, but not

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was done in Europe and America, notabljr Ritgen's case of gastro-elytrotomy

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came the true starting-point of the French school.^ Hypnotism

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monly consulted in cases of wounds, homicide, rape, and the hke.

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of this kind how the notion of the "evil eye" came to be ingrained

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burned to the ground, after the wise old Mosaic method^ but persons suspected

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and sinks until it meets with an impermeable stratum ; then it

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There was a fair showing of those specialized investigations

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William Henry Welch (1850- ) investigated acute edema of the lungs

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and included such liberal-minded rulers as the caUphs Al-Mansur

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jond, the tests being by ordeal, torture, de facto verification of impotence, and

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and grotesque, indulged their animal spirits abundantly at the ex-

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tions, and at a later period, by internal remedies, venesection, and

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lization by the invention of pictorial writing and the development

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in such an unorganized condition, something more than the guar-

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novice, went over to Luther, graduated in medicine at Basel at

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(1910-11), and to various biological problems by Jacques Loeb. The theory

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In his studies on anthrax, he was preceded by Davaine, who discovered the

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most part, they are purely traditional, servile copies from manu-

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yields an acici, resting muscle a neutral, reaction: that stimulation with a

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of Physicians of Philadelphia (1788), the latter being now one of

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success upon the female bladder by Daniel Ayres, of Brooklyn, N. Y., in

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fourth ventricles of the brain, attributed by various writers indifferently to

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arrangement of muscular fibers in the heart. Other important investigations

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who (in France at least) were kept ostracized and short-coated by

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ยป Med. Obs. <fe Inquiries, London, 1753-67, i, 340; 1762, ii, 390.

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classification of the pulse as critical, non-critical, simple critical,

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Other prominent members of the New Vienna School were

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knowledge of gunshot wounds, he settled down in London to a

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muscle in the upper part of the esophagus (1837).* His inaugural

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Kossel, Drechsel, and others, and Schulze studied the effect of vegetable en-

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Madame de S6vign6 pronounced "a perfectly divine remedy"

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from affection of the pahnar aponeurosis, for which he devised

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1868, and its distinctive feature is the rise of German influences.

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and fecal fistulse in women, paying special attention to the com-

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built for syphilitics. The "Lucubratiuncula" of Leonhard Schmaus (1518)

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for club-foot and his devices for reducing dislocations, and crushing

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Surgeon General's Library, 1912, 2. series, xvii, pp. 135-137.

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probable date. Also that he is now known to have been born at Agen, in Lot-et-Garonne.

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practice of bloodletting. Up to the time of Brissot, physicians

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moral, sexual and intellectual traits of the individual^ their size being propor-

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proper conditions, go to the medical schools. Knox was an able

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curious arrangements of pathologic phenomena which were made