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Nizoral Shampoo Brands

Alibert's life. A picture of his "family tree" of dermatoses,

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burg of a desperate illness, became his body phjrsician in 1578. In Berlin, he

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It is dso mentioned before the year 1501 in various tracts by Niccold

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be transferred from one body to another, as where Pliny, in his

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medical works in Latin. He is now remembered by his original

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he left a legacy of annual prizes in surgery, his two houses in the

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tribute to the American Army Medical Department, or the laurel-

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beUeved that they had killed his only son and one of his bosom

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fate of a work by one Etienne de Claves, Doctor of Medicine,

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dians of the new world.^ The great success of Jennerian vaccination has ob-

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ogy, wet-nursing, public baths, the siuriving "etiquette" of circumcision and

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the foundation for his "Elementa physiologise corporis humani"

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anjrwhere from $4.25 to $43, court physicians from $35 to $939.

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vous etes au service de la Heine ma Mere et de moi ; nous avons

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and garden herbs; the third and fourth, with the other medicinal

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Pacchionian bodies (1697).^° Germany is memorable through

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Clement, and Paul Portal at Paris; Giorgio Baglivi at Padua, and

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of the suprarenal capsules (1856-58),* his use of the testicular and other or-

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botany and by extensive "Bestiaries," or animal-books, which

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in the red color."' Finsen's red-Ught treatment, to prevent pitting

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Sir Almwroth Wright and others, led to vaccinotherapy. Metch-

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James Jackson (1777-1868), of Boston, a pupil of Louis, was

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£320 out of a single case, and that their prescription charges were at least 90

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Ori^ns ( 1909) . The excavations of bones and flint implements bv M . Boucher

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theory that color vision is due to retinal structures corresponding to red, ^reen,

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odus plantarum" (London, 1682), and further divided the former class into

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Youth is, or ought to be, the period of generous self-smrender to

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iSee Charles Waldstein: ''The Argive Herseum," Boston, 1902, pp.

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" Millon: Compt.-rend. Acad. d. sc, Paris, 1849, xxviii, 40-42.

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professor in Heidelberg who kept a carriage." The most impor-

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(1885), Weir MitcheU and Morris J. Lewis (1886), Lombard (1889),

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then speedily consigned to the limbo of forgotten things.^ Not so

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of Stuttgart, described part of the contents of the vegetable cell

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groups of cells, of which he recognized the nucleus (or "cytoblast")

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reign of Trajan (98-117 A. D.), and whose Uterary remains and

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were hardly acceptable to one who had obliterated the humoral

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derived from books than with knowledge derived from experi-

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worth doctors," otherwise the Taylor brothers, two village farriers

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are few aspects of physiology which he did not investigate. Schm's work was

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the choicest bits of medical humor in existence. Drake, as de-

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human body and its resurrection. Moreover, as very Uttle

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astrorum") before attempting any enterprise of moment, and in

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Dr. Johannes La Montague, a Huguenot, who was councillor of

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