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1769. Surgical practice was mainly in the hands of the barber,

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the city. His line of treatment was the exhibition of large doses

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latter being the standard sources of information in regard to their

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had obtained a poisonous ointment from a barber named Mora. The latter,

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junctions of the planets. Diagnosis of internal disease is founded

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favorite decorative scheme of the old Dutch anatomist, whose

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^ Neue Denkschr. d. allg. schweiz. Geeellsch. f . d. ges. Naturwissensch.,

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de Mayerne got £400, with an annuity of £200 settled upon his

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labor of thirty years. His special discovery of the "decidua re-

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the individual penchant for the doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus

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without. As a blood-letter, Rush has been likened to Sangrado,

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He was surgeon-in-chief to the "Grande Arm^," taking part in

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antiseptic method of his best and greatest pupil, his son-in-law,

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library, after his death, became the nucleus of the present British

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didactic theory-mongering of the past; and one of his best achieve-

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New York, he could have attained almost any eminence by continuous efifort.

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die of starvation, because it is a spinal machine, devoid of voli-

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8 Atlee: The Surgical Treatment of Certain Fibrous Tumors of the

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unusual reverence in which the Greek physician was held at this

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should be twelve solidi ($27) each. From these regulations, made

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pox, and was followed, during the years 1799-1806, by five suc-

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toothache.^ The medical lore of holy men, their special days, the

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for the care of the sufferers was founded in 1093. The patron saint was usually

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snakes of the Indian Peninsula, with magnificent life-size plates from drawings

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and he was the recipient of a diamond and various medals from

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this successfuUy and his name was one of those drawn by lot from the fateful

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tests celebrated by Pindar or in the palaestra. " It was here," says

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astrology, charms and spells. Other prominent pupils of Mont-

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* Rush: Medical Observations and Inquiries, Philadelphia, 1789, v, 104-

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which contains the following sentence: "On laying bare the roots

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followed by the constantly reiterated "Bene, bene." The famous Juro is then

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excursions. Antonio Musa Brassavola (1500-55), of Ferrara, a pupil of

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geons to use four bodies of executed criminals each year for

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or, in the latter, to the soporific which Helen casts into the wine, a

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were woefully rudimentary in spots and said next to nothing about

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its own worth in testing etiologic and hereditary data or the value

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