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tre," formed in vinous fermentation, as identical with the gas in

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problems of Physics, problems which on account of their com-

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vogue. Apart from wars and famine, and even up to Ehrlich's

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cealed his ignorance of what he supposed to be their diseases.

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that of Smyth, of New Orleans, in 1864. In addition, Mott

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anatomy and physiology at Bonn (1855-58), physiology at Heidel-

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same time, that a certain acquaintance with the Galenical system

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connection between the himdreds of comets known and the slightest possible

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(Kreisphysicus) at Wollstein, where he varied the monotony of

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vary glands, and his many excursions into the physiology of the

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of Toulouse, is remembered by his operation for lacrimal fistula

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months' infant (1829),^ the external iliac for femoral aneurysm

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schal, had founded the Academy of Surgery and, in fact, devoted

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Venus) corresponded the seven days of the week and the seven

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the rise of homeopathy, which, in point of time, is really one of the

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characters in hybrids (1866-67), the application of which belongs to the twen-

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the wounded in the Crimea, and, all his life, he was a warm advo-

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eczema due to external irritation (eczema solare, impetiginodes,

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in 1792, had swung a cutlass as a privateersman in 1798, and, after

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Ductless Glands. Part II., Diseases of the Nose, Pharynx,

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teries; ovariotomy has been done by Indian and Australian na-

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(even to the point of scraping the walls of the house or destroying

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applying venesection in almost every disease known to him, but

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(1878), which included models of the female pelvic viscera. In

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cians, where they were destroyed by the great fire of 1666.

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not unlike that of Claude Bernard. He is said to have visited

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proteids. Pfliiger abo made laborious researches to prove that glycogen does

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so far been attained by Emil Fischer. In 1824, Wohler made,

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* These discoveries are to be foimd in Henle's two treatises on anatomy.

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HoU&nder, Die Medizin in der klassischen Malerei, Stuttgart, 1903, pp. 34-60.

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diagnosis. Although little was known of the physics of sound in

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Valentine Greatrakes of curing disease by touch, in other words,

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ical phenomena, are capable of transformation from one to the other but other-

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glJtures of Paracelsus. The "Currus triumphalis antimonii" led all practi-

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him any influence upon the historical development of our knowl-

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ing the 121 patients. In England, the Royal Touch fell into disuse among the

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with Gerlach, the first to produce bovine infection of Perlsucht

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Roozeboom, and the chemists of the Dutch school. In physical or thermody-

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* Ann. de chim. et phys., Paris, 1820, xv, 289; 337.

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Vieussens (1641-1716), professor at Montpellier, made various

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vegetable simples are mentioned, from the salts of lead and copper

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7. Four prayers, one to St. Minus (Nuremberg, 1496), one to St. Dionysius

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sona at Merida in 580. The H6tel Dieu is said to have been

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inflammation of the lungs (1820), Sir James Clark on phthisis (1835), Francis

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Latham (1850-59), Nott and Gliddon (1857),Waitz (1859-72), Herbert Spencer

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genius, who have been thwarted so long in their devotion to