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1 H. A. Kelly: Jour. Am. Med. Ass., Chicago, 1911, Iviii, 437-441.
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Landsteiner (1901), and Eisenberg (1901). that the sera of diseased, and even
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his compilations are highly valued by scholars in that he always
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and Thomas Young yield to none in scholarship and variety of
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how thus laboriously he discovered lead and tin glazes, the
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highly reconmiended by Madame de S6vign6 (June 13, 1685).* Among the
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1538, with the initial letter by Holbein, and the nine dilBferent
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mology (1824r-28), Richard Harlan's Fauna Americana (1825)' Godman's work
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Church would have proved stronger than the loins of poverty
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ambition. Histological investigation was rapidly improved by the
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scriptions were also a featiu*e of Ruysch 's famous anatomic museum
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See in widening the gap between surgery and medicine. The
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sentiment and expression, and this alone would point to the fact
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catharsis, emesis, blood-letting or whatever remedies seemed
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and many Oriental languages at an early age, he began to study
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tic instructor, in long robe and biretta, wand in hand, gravely
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Kampf, Werlhof, Zinmiermann, Wichmann, Senckenberg, Reil,
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relegated to barbers, bath-keepers, sowgelders and wayfaring
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two drug bills of 1633 and 1635, cited by Handerson, 4s. are charged for a glass
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sulas," Venice, 1497 (Hain. 10019); another edition was published at Milan
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include his Elements of Physiological Psychology (1874),' Logic (1880-83).
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each tissue having its own particular kind of sensibility and con-
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some twenty-seven (later 37) separate "organs," presiding over the different
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Lister became professor of surgery in the University of Glasgow,
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been done in America. In such finely illustrated monographs as those of Charles
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the detailed anatomy of the nerves and viscera; while teaching by
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ganglion (1748), and made important investigations of the nerve-
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much of recent work in the United States; and Professor Welch's