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of the different kinds of insanity. Aretaeus is easily the most at-
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reference to the transmission of yellow fever (1848),^ and wrote a
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mental reason, the degree of blood-letting seems to have been less
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(1812) has been pronoimced by Mills^ to be, with that of Isaac
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the discovery of special reflex paths dissociated from sensation and
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nitely settled the clinical and pathological status of the two affec-
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outwit, this design, Toinette, the maid, disguises as a doctor, and through a
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the pelvis and a mention of paralysis in fracture of the spine.
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magnet, explored the auditory canal with a speculum of his in-
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of the operator were to be cleansed. Hippocrates gives the first
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distinguished from neutralisation or digestion ; something, as
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very kindly permitted me to copy some of his interesting pictiures
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Operative gynecology, which had no special existence before
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evidence, that the Father of Medicine was indebted to Egypt for
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of Hyrtl's wonderful injections in two, three, and four different colors.^
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breathing is simply to cause an interchange of gases between the
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hovski Hospital (1784), a Foundling Hospital (1770), and a "Secret Hospital"
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I." As compared with Magendie, who often experimented at hap-
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rich in Paris. Spurzheim's propagandism led to the formation of secret phreno-
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' Goethe : Ueber den Zwischenkiefer des Menschen und der Thiere.
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pocrates or not, they represent the essence of his teaching. The
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20,000 lives, and the winter of the year 1708-09 was beset with such in-
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mineral waters, "De Balneis" (1553), the Gesner collection of
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terrible plague brought panic and confusion in its train and broke
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Chemnitz, Saxony. With better legal regulations and restrictions,
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The salary of a University professor in the sixteenth century was
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' Des inflammations sp^ales du tissu muqueux et en particulier de la
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many strayed into such devious by-paths as Phrenology, Homoeop-
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copy and histology, as also some of Henle's most important
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microscopical investigations. He wrote little, his only contribu-
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always dropped on the coflfin at burial. Palmists, fortune-tellers,
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that he was one of the first, if not the first, to describe pigmentation
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swayed entirely by reverence for authority. Up to the time of
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jaw, by William Henry Deadrick (1773-1858), of Winchester, Va., in 1810 «;
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Anglo-Indian zoologists was Thomas Caverhill Jerden, whose accounts of
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pharmacopeia (1606), and was one of the first to recommend the
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of occupations and modes of thought which had hitherto been
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at the Botanical Institute (Breslau), in the presence of Cohn,
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instruction to the students at the C!ollegium. But Frederick the
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author of an important treatise on Human Embryology (1892), which in-
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he could amputate a thigh with the aid of only one assistant, while
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come was very small, his wife's fortune made his circumstances
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(1873-76) and Kiel (1876-1905), whose important monograph,
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