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Andr6 Levret (1703-80), who improvecf the forceps and extended its use

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erland, Holland, and Germany between the years 1521 and 1598.

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the philosopher Averroes, and the Jewish physicians Avenzoar

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was commemorated in the Annona medals, in praise of the Papal r^ulation of

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1901.' One of these, an illustration to the Turin Codex of PUny's

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of a blind man tapping with his stick ; or they may be fully under-

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Graves' disease, particularly in regard to the pouring out of the

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*J. S. Billings: "The History and Literature of Surgery" (Dennis's

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tice in London. Like Cheselden, he was a man of kindly, charit-

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the first modern to say it — can be advanced only by scientific

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whose "Synonyma medicinse'' (1471) was the first dictionary of

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stitutions was stiU in the ascendant, and Stoll of Vienna thought that the dis-

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intestinal absorption is largely due to the work of Kuhne (1877), Heidenludn

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from the teaching of the brothers Hunter, and the name of Wil-

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the discovery which afterward made him famous. His little book

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mithridate; while among the new drugs and compounds added are aconite,

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and Alaska, in each case bearing the same identical form. In

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professional theologian, whether CathoUc, Protestant, or Jewish.

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widely prevalent on ihe continent throughout the centurv, and a classic de-

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case of congenital hypertrophic stenosis of the pylorus (1788)* by Hezekiah

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hose remain in waiting or converse among themselves. Another

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of urine depends upon the beating of the heart, the blood-pressure causing the

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historic objects all over the world. The results were systematized in Gabriel

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More important still, the mastoid process was opened for the

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Even the honest and gentle Pare himself did not hesitate to

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before the first half of tne nineteenth century. Of stray contributions in the

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strikiiig cuts in Giacosa's collection, however, are the rude pen

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each other. This drove the ''polygenists" to their last resort, di-

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virus is non-filterable, since the filtrate will not produce the disease (1871), and

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of good and evil were apparently so interchangeable, could be pro-

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Mursinna (1744r-1823), who was successively weaver, bath-keeper,

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pole, and Gibbon among his patients. He was specially exempted

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experimental production of diabetes by exhibition of phlorizin (1886); and the

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into the elder Meckel's hands, and became in the course of time

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world in the eighteenth century. During the French Revolution,

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Belon traveled in Egypt, Greece, and the Orient, carefully studying the

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determination of the proper time for purging and blood-letting

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direction of civilization. With this leaf-shaped flint in hand, he

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tent, except as a resultant of the action of external stimuli upon

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this matter promises well for the future : notwithstanding there

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typhoid fever (1657) gave an immense vogue to the use of anti-

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Greek text (Weimar, 1794). Asclepiades was a formal opponent

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Pliny remained unchallenged until the time of Nicholas Leonicenus

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1 Sudhoff : Mttnchen. med. Wochenschr., 1903, 1, 455.

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» Ber. d. k. s&chs. Gesellsch. d. Wiasensch., Leipzig, 1868, xx, 89.

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are the crown and flower of achievement in anatomic pen-drawing,

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water. This principle (tryptophan) was afterward shown by

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