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An old bill of 1665 gives 12s. as the fee for a twenty-mile visit;
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tary order and declined in the thirteenth century. Parallel with
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Wolfler, and Gersimy, all Slavs, and von Eiselsberg, an Austrian.
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dides as a modem writer, illustrating the wonderful capacity of
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and, in trenches and tents, witnessed all the horrors of pyemia,
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fled to Navarre, soon after to meet the retribution his recreancy
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may be said to have migrated to Rome. Before the Greek in-
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In some parts of Holland, if a boy carrying water-lilies in his hand
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ficing part, such as John and Joseph Warren of Massachusetts,
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said to have been some seven or eight times what it is now, and,
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1507, and by the Elector of Brandenbm-g in 1516, led to the for-
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triumphs in the history of medicine — the successful introduction
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upon medicine was manifested in more important ways, notably
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' The name is sometimes given in Grerman as "Fabriz '* but Sudhoff re-
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and M.D. at Cambridge in 1803 and 1808, and practised in
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advantage. Medicine, especially on its surgical side, was vindicat-
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• A. Vater: Diss. anat. qua novum bilis diverticulum circa orificium duc-
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of Salerno, the origin of which is obscure. We only know that it
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that bodily grace and poise depend, in the last analysis, upon bony
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John Bell went to Italy to die, leaving an enduring memento of his
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tion of the "Methodus Studii Medici" of Boerhaave is an introduction to
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Although, in spite of powerful protection, his life was in peril,
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The first medical book to be printed in England was called "A Passing
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emulsifies fats, and Valentin, in 1844, showed that it acts upon starch, but
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a framework so rigid as to stop further growth. Thus it was with
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which are instinctive in lower animals. A dog licks its wounds,
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1890), and latterly to the elucidation of the part they play in heredity and the
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man anatomy. His "Fresh Water Rhizopods of North America"
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pointed out the probable identity of structure in animal and
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to insure their reproduction, which has foimd an avatar in Star-
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tion upon death," the work of Hippocrates must be judged by its
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name is associated with the hooks of his invention used in treating
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essay on hybridity (1847) demonstrated the fertility of hybrids,
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of Bath, who, like Heberden, acquired a lifelong habit of taking
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derived from the chlorides in the blood-plasma. In regard to the mechanism
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vaccination. In short, Jenner transformed a local coimtry
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trichinosis in hogs, etc., and his Elementary Treatise on Human
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of honor. Tscheming calls him ''the father of physiologic optics, "
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As may be imagined, ofifhand diagnoses of this kind were a favor-
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Dublin in 1821, he became chief physician to the Meath Hospital
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this theory of disease was the maUgnant or benignant power which
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ces deux pauvres femmes et vous ; elles seront brulees demain et
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M^canique analytique, who maintained, through his pupil Hassen-
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aissance period who did much to make the science what it is today. Of these,
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• Pravaz: Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc, Paris, 1853, xxxvi, 88-90.
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years of Cohnheim's life were clouded by severe complications of
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political revolutions in America and France, intensified the feeling
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in his Tractatus de corde, London, edition of 1680, 163, 175.
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mates. He believed, however, in the fixity of species (nnUa species
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Next came "The Govemayle of Helthe" printed at Caxton's press about
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pupils, Roux and Yersin, got the same results from diphtheria