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Ranitidine Hcl 150 Mg Tab Side Effects

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Malpighi described the red blood-corpuscles in 1665 (seven years

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got it from Palissy, who had shown further how by passing

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on eye diseases imder his name and a Grub Street poet to praise

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imtil long after the American Revolution. The first medical

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At first a follower of Spinoza, Boerhaave was educated along the

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mind and body, with consequent relaxation of morals, led to mysti-

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with the Gout" and his pamphlet on inoculation in small-pox

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* Stamm: Nosophthorie, Berlin, 1861, cited by Haeser.

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ual (ontogeny) tends to recapitulate the developmental history of the racial

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fratz,* that the dissolved oxygen of the inspired air slowly takes up

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be hidden from the observation of the pupils." He attributed his

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treatment, it was r^arded as a capital crime. Aristotle, writing

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flammation is the passage of white blood-cells through the

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* Beitr&ge zur Kenntnissdes Sehens in subjectiver Hinsicht, Prague, 1819.

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mantic episodes in the history of medicine. "Every physician

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touching the Galenical crux that the blood passes through certain,

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but which, as Sudhoff has shown, by parallel comparison of texts, was really

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duty of breaking bones upon the wheel, he was credited with

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was followed by a single number of a translation of the "Journal

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one of the first to notice that arterial blood-pressure rises with

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small at first, the wealthier Christians taking care of the sick in

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theory of serodiagnosis and serotherapy. It is the method of

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result of the "Coan Prenotions" and "Prorrhetics" of his prede-

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tirely teleologic, basing everything upon a divine order in nature,

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hours at a time each day. "Half knave, half enthusiast," as

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so skilled in metallurgy, dyeing, distillation, preparing leather,

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chapter on weights and measures, pharmaceutic methods and

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legal contribution of the century was undoubtedly Swanmierdam's discovery

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by section, shows that artificial respiration will keep an animal

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however, an appendix on camp and miUtary hospitals, and was of great use to

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magnetic fields by Halley, Gauss, and Sabine. The florid encomium of Dryden —

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later, was incontinently thrown into the wars, where he soon

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aspects of Arabian medicine. As the fair slave exploits her ex-

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kind, he is one of the greatest of modem pathologists, and as an

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Cultural and Social Aspects of Renaissance Medicine 167

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sun's rays extracted the spirits of the blood and the vitriol, while,

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Christendom rose as slowly out of the Middle Ages as out of the

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who stated "CoUes' law''; and Robert Adams (1791-1875), who

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first to use a graduated glass for examining the urine, although the

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up into protoplasm. He adopted as a criterion for a proteid the capacity to

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a scheme welcome in giving some order to swarming facts and

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"vital principle" {vitalis agens) to denote the cause of the phenom-

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the pleasant streets of Louvain and hear him discourse on the

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also a Haller-like "Bibliotheca Therapeutica " (1878), and afterwwxl cUd

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of nutrition, R. H. Chittenden on the minimum nutritive requirements of

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was easily the best book on the subject all through the eighteenth

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in 1802; Helmholtz invented the ophthalmoscope and the ophthalmometer

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of the medical sciences to reinforce the lesson of their profound

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