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at Geneva (1805),' and by L. Danielsson and E. Mann at Medfield, Massa-
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lastereredikt" of Emperor Maximilian (August 7, 1495), mention is made of
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of the candidate's graduation in the auditorium (at half price), the
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the obvious fines of the graphic, the biographic, and the biblio-
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geon's Guild, and, in 1720, on recommendation of the Town Coun-
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side (rf nervous activity has been investigated by William D. Halli-
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and venesection in the bath. A favorite theme of Lucas Cranach
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great crowd of people, they at length ranged themselves in a long
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rived from the stamens and pistils (the sexual organs of the flower),
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founded in London in 1197; and St. Thomas's Hospital, founded
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cadavers annually. He made over 30,000 postmortems in his life.
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showing that, in reality, quickened lime loses something (CaCOa =
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animal or saw a wounded artery. The idea that this motion is along
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bizarre terminology to describe things of which he had no ken,
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Ages, the enormous expenditure of mental energy over this sterile,
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of his time, he turned his attention to literature and wrote "La
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tion and representing God, the number twelve represents the whole
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sel and Dresden). All these tooth-drawers have costumes evi-
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' Blumenbach: De generis humani varietate nativa, Gdttingen, 1776.
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A wonderful union of scientific accuracy with artistic perfection
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the first to describe the spondylolisthetic deformities (1839).^
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gery of the locomotor system by applying subcutaneous tenotomy to
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first successfully tied in continuity, within a month s interval, by George
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Touch reached its height. Richard Wiseman, one of the ablest
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fantastic pseudo-science of the Rosicrucians. The arch-patron
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He showed how the decerebrated or "spmal" frog will hop, swim,
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{Hausarzt)y who was given a voluntary annual honorarium for his
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poeia,'' based upon information gathered from the peasants by the
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Palissy, having amassed a large collection of objects of natural
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approaching death with the cool self-possession of his race, meet-
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Persian language was the materia medica of Abu Mansur,^ con-
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After a thoroughgoing investigation of the properties of the lodestone, Gilbert
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tion of Magendie to have headed the recent line of illustrious
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sac in strangulated hernia (1833). Like Cooper, he was a swift,
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owes most to the shining individualism of a few chosen spirits.
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potsherds became the servant of princes ; and, fervent Huguenot
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at New York in 1668, in Boston (1691-93) and Charleston, South Carolina, in
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and, in Paris, he had to flee for his hf e for body-snatching. At Leyden, Albinus
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large number of buildings, with houses for physicians and nurses,
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of pathology (1842) are among the most splendidly illustrated
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induced Gaspard to repeat Haller's experiment of injecting putrid
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burgh (1582), and Dublin (1593). Each of these Renaissance uni-
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love him and with him the task we had chosen as our lifework. Thus we
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of the spinal marrow without convulsing the muscles of the back,
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temperature. In August, 1852,' Brown-S<$quard, then residing in America,
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in 1871, Schmiedeberg traced the accelerator fibers of the vagus nerve in
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Peyronie founded a sixth at his own expense, with an assistant
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has been remarked that even Daviel, in the early part of his career,
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His greatest work is the celebrated "Rnax'' (1596), a wonderful index or com-
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