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the world, and, after his death, an appropriate mausoleum for his

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William Henry Welch (1850- ) investigated acute edema of the lungs

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use. Willan's great work On Cutaneous Diseases (1796-1808),

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in a state of barbarism and that the status of surgery in these

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about 300 B. C, entirely distinct from Ife^^tian, Indian or Greek

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wrong channel for fourteen centuries, and even Servetus, who came

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He took his profession with a fine ethical seriousness, which, given

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Galenical errors in regard to the structure of the human frame, it

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temporaries, which, published as the "Mercure savant" (1684), became the

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from the main current of scientific progress. As Sainte Beuve said

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(1820-85) on the experimental pathology of embolism (1863-64), Thomas

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aster (Nietzsche's Zarathustra), or the cult of the mythical Chris-

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La Pre88um Baromelrique (1878), a bundle of scattered essays dealing with

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were anatomical theaters in most of the continental cities in course

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slightest use without the hand of the craftsman. Then he per-

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cord in man and mammals (Brunswick, 1865), the islands of Langerhans (1869),^

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complete as possible; and, if it should realize its practical intention

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about 0.0035".^ Bernstein, one of du Bois Reymond's best pupils, has also

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of a contracting muscle varies with its length (1837) .* In personal-

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mulation (in 1521 and 1529) of the celebrated C. C. C. (Constitutio

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John Ware (1795-1864), of Hingham, Massachusetts, a Har-

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and pulpit, and threatened with hanging. The fact that "Daft

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fast on two hot rolls and tea, see poor patients until nine, attend to

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cular canals in the internal ear will cause motor incoordination

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of the portal vein, so that ligation of the hepatic artery under these conditions

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(free internal formation) instead of by division, and the^ cell-wall

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nervous system was finally brought under the oeU doctrine of Schwann and

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the shrine of Epidaurus or on the Greek coins of Cos, Pergamus,

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^Semmelweis* original communication is entitled "Hochst wichtige

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showed the continuity of the nerve-body with the axis-cylinder. In 1883" Ca-

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Ernst Haeckel (1834r- ), of Jena, a great morphologist,

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Andrea Cesalpino (1524-1603), professor of medicine at Pisa,

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polyp from the base of the cranium,® and, in 1850, William Detmold (1808-94)

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(even to the point of scraping the walls of the house or destroying

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professor at the Johns Hopkins University (1876-1908), is memorable for his

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1876, and are still asked for in the shops. The Baume TranquHlCy compounded

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Turpentine" (1679), by James Richard Wiseman (1622-1676).

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tions. In 1836, he successfully excised the upper jaw, and, in 1837,^

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glands, which he discovered in 1677,^ were not conglobate or

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whom were physicians, the other two singers: Die Einen heilen, die

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work of Jacob Henle (1809-85), the greatest German histologist

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Johann Christian Reil (1759-1813), of Eastern Frisia, professor

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