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observations on muscles and glands in which he recognizes the

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William CHimberland Cruikshank (1745-1800), of Edinburgh,

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fellow practitioners. "He seems," says Billings, "to have written

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poisoning by means of the blood of ducks fed upon toxic principles,

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medicine was that of a man of action. A typical Saxon, by no

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structures, as in the hospital at Milan, which was opened in 1445,

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pain upon others. His sympathy with the sufferings of dumb

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pretend. I desire also to express my continual debt to Professor Bayliss.

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framoso and (77) Per fare siropi da male frarusoso^ and contain ingredients iden-

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in 1204. The example of the Pontiff was soon followed all over

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of the surgeon generals in the German struggle for independence

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acter that the Prussian government finally erected a Physiological

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'EhrUch: Ztschr. f. kUn. Med., Berlin, 1879-80, i, 553-660.

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have not done to recover their health and save their lives. They

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tube, from a dairy-maid how to prevent smallpox, and from an old market-

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confused the tendons. Both are credited with a vague reference

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1 H. A. Kelly: Jour. Am. Med. Ass., Chicago, 1911, Iviii, 437-441.

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English clinical instruction, the hospital medical school, had its beginnings in

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is characterized by an excessive amoimt of detail; for example,

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mann's Essay on Bernard Palissy, Leipzig, 1903. My paper was read to the Eranus Club


to the lacteal vessels. Herophilus in particular described the