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1 His: Die Haute und Hohlen des Korpere, Basel, 1865.

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supposed to have been commimicated to the French invaders by the

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ful part of the body. " . Phrases like these not only outvitalize

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on the same grounds, describing lymph as a secretion from the cells forming the

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founded between 641 and 660 by St. Landry, Bishop of Paris,

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the ancient Peruvian Incas probably utihzed the anesthetic properties of

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century, and then only in relation to the development of sur-

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with interesting illustrations. The life of Swammerdam has been made the

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serve mention, viz., Giacomo de Dondis (1298-1359), whose "Ag-

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method analogous to that of the selection of airmen. Here again

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prevented theorists from having real insight into the circulation

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developmental mechanics {Enivncklungsmechanik)^ a phrase introduced by

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Dudley Digges in 1618, and made a unique collection of natural

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the first to remove the lower jaw, but he is now best remembered as

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he took the somewhat arbitrary standpoint that the vagus is the motor, rather

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laryngeal nerve, proves the general functions of muscle and nerve

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Rembrandt adhered rigidly to the normal, even in his etchings, in

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pharmacy, including extracts made from insects and parts of ani-

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not locked up in the Mosaic cosmogony, had a freer outlook, and

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at Padua (1599-1603) as a pupil of Fabricius and Casserius, and

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cunabula (1470[]); Johannes de Tomamira, physician to Popes

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and was ready to demonstrate to others, that they could have

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such morals as they had, and Uke the Homeric Greeks and the

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prison of S. Germain des Pres, where Palissy was first imprisoned ; for on May 13, 1588,

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Leidy. Homer discovered the tensor tarsi muscle (Homer's

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de grains^* (1878-9) .f His discovery of preventive inoculation was due to the

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consumptives, cooling drafts in small-pox, steel tonics in chlorosis,

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and the Royal Library at Windsor.^ Startlingly modem in their

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clusive, means of modification," and that a true specific character

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the Emperor Heraclius (603-641), and a contemporary of Paul of

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reservations, his best descriptions of disease are models of their

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Cluo-les II.* Of continental pharmacopoeias. Baas' mentions those of Minderer

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Quixote, and his personal attitude toward his contemporaries

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(1903), has distinguished himself by his work on terminal in-

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machine itself, is unthinkable. The same sharp distinction which is made in

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nsury vogue in the seventeenth century through the fact that tartar emetic cured

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variations in unit time. He believed that the "currents of rest" and other

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or other improvements in operative technic, most of which are

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beginning. The infinity of extension is not strange to us, for some

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Mankynde" (1545) ; and most of the supposed innovations in these

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