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Jee, London, 1896, 176-186, with pictures of surgical instruments and other
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" La mddecine au temps de MoH^e," Paris^ 1862. Frank Baker, on The Faculty
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stitions of the sympathetic or magnetic cure of woimds and the
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a great number of fine atlases were published, such as Cheselden on
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he initiated the refonns of striking off their chains, placing them
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heart, and that the vital spirits are converted into "animal spirits"
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with his partner, he could get no appointment in the Royal Infirm-
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obstetrics" (1791-1806). Before the time of Boer, pregnancy had been re-
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all had their superstitious associations, and the virtues of the
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returning to Russia, he taught at Dorpat for five years, and, in
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I love you," said RadcMe, "and I'll tell you a sure secret to make
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body is mauled and pierced all over by stones, arrows,
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by direct photography from the nude, in the different works of Carl
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Menifias, the buffoons of "silly Billy" tyi)e, and those wonderful
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for medical geography, and has a unique position of his own in
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Another curious feature of seventeenth century therapy was the large
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and their books were burned, and trimmers preferred obscurity
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in the field (1689),^ recommended that these chests be supplied,
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described by Gregory of Tours in 581, and the term "variola" was
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study, he returned to Paris to complete his medical education, and,
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with his disciple Bruno who on Bacon's return was actually
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and Realists, it may be said that their adjustments of cause and
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women of the neighborhood of smearing the houses with deadly ointments, he
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sion upon a quibble about priority entirely unworthy of so great an
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