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Diltiazem Verapamil Nifedipine

suspiciously like those of Helain, Griininger, and Schott, and

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follower of Galen, his "Practica" (first printed at Lyons in 1504)

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Perhaps the most brilliant name of the New Vienna School,

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work (1761), the latter science had no real existence. For example,

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nitely settled the clinical and pathological status of the two affec-

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which, at best, can be construed only as a sort of lorgnette. It has bieen in-

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the pelvis and a mention of paralysis in fracture of the spine.

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1699, but did not reach the old world until the following century. Of the

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to enjoy the fruits of his labors. Taking up Alpine climbing to

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fused life with motion. Like Mime in Wagner's "Siegfried," he

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distinguished from neutralisation or digestion ; something, as

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« Dalton: Mem. Lit. & Phil. Soc, Manchester, 1798, v, pt.l, 28-45.

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very kindly permitted me to copy some of his interesting pictiures

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was gradually stamped out. Three famous English institutions

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Operative gynecology, which had no special existence before

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which drove the hermits to the desert and foimded the monas-

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of Hyrtl's wonderful injections in two, three, and four different colors.^

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handiwork, a little plate of the genital organs made for the 1719

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aim of physiologic experimentation is to throw Ught upon morbid

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somewhat inconsistent with the original intention of holy orders,

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medicine, the El Hawi, or "Continens," which Haller preferred to

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coniferous plants (1553), published, in 1555, a monograph on birds, in which

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I." As compared with Magendie, who often experimented at hap-

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Heavily mustached, with a dull look and a falsetto voice."

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rather than books, they were true followers of the master. The

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formed many feats in vascular surgery, such as the successful liga-

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Examination of Medicinal Simples" (Examen omnium simplicium, Rome, 1536),

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cell theory, with its most important corollary, the neuron theory;

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affected the eccentricities of a recluse, denying himself to patients

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* Wilhelm Preyer translated Braid's complete works into (}erman in 1882.

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of the period, is now more celebrated as a physiologist and neurolo-

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20,000 lives, and the winter of the year 1708-09 was beset with such in-

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mineral waters, "De Balneis" (1553), the Gesner collection of

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Before Virchow, as we have seen, both John Hunter and Oruveilhier saw throm-

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* Cagniard Latour: Ann. de chim. et phys., Paris, 1838, Ixviii, 206-221.

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terrible plague brought panic and confusion in its train and broke

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hemin, hematin, and hemato- Felix Hoppe-Seyler (1825-95).

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physiologist of his time, and, like Haller and John Himter, one of

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possibly of surgery of the extremities and neck, the attitudes

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inhibitory power of the vagus nerve in 1845,* a find which threw

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' Des inflammations sp^ales du tissu muqueux et en particulier de la

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Graefe in the medical faculty, and here many of the young army

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rapid. Forel, m 1887, confirmed the work of His on the pathologic side by

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Although ignorant of Mendel's work, he rejected the theory of

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copy and histology, as also some of Henle's most important

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cholera epidemic at Paris in 1832, and wrote interesting papers

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microscopical investigations. He wrote little, his only contribu-

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whom we read, for example, that Joseph "commanded his ser-

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onstrated its solvent effect upon foods (1752). Spallanzani con-

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milk (1846), Jean-Antoine Villemin (1827-92) had demonstrated that the

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ler's "Hudibras," while the ecclesiastics of his own time, we are

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stone-mason's and miner's phthisis (pneumonokoniosis). Italy

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bladder as the seat of courage. From the Arabic medical texts, we

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des metaux, des sels et salines, des pierres, des terres, du feu et

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apparently with some show of success. Although the elder Taylor

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1 The date of his birth is not certainly known, but Mr. Tilley tells me 1520 is the most