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Interaction Between Bactrim And Warfarin

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as to the dignity of medical teaching. Dissection and vivisection, to be

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faculties which was set aside or lost sight of during the Middle

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and soil, race and temperament; and this not in higher organisms

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of the graphic method (1847), with new instruments, like the

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tinguished characteristic .... His was the grave and thoughtful courtesy

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excise the lower jaw (1812)^ and to treat aneurysm successfully

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the famous buccaneer physician, Thomas Dover (1660-1742), who was once

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pharmacopeia (1606), and was one of the first to recommend the

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Church, at the same time practising medicine with success. He

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and its first edition, the Florentine imprint of 1478, is esteemed as

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be colloidal ; and protein may be inseparable from such antigens

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Chirurgical Pepinifere, devoted exclusively to the education of army

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preparations. The fifth London Pharmacopceia (1746), revised by Mead. He-

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*Kuhne and Chittenden: Zeitschr. f. Biol, Mimich, 1883, xix, 160;

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of which the "Address to a Robin" and the "Signs of Rain,"

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The classical description of the mechanism of the act of deglutition was

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almanacs. The followers of Paracelsus beUeved in the "doctrine

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of Sciences at St. Petersburg. A second collection, which Ruysch

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Gk)ldscheider upon the temperature nerves (1884-85), and of Henry Head

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and such procedures as intubation of the esophagus, reunion of

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' De Graaf: Disp. med. de natura et usu succi pancreatici, Leyden, 1664.

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to the lacteal vessels. Herophilus in particular described the

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surgeon is quaint and characteristic, and although he looked upon

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strating the viscera of the subject before him. The Faust who

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first Latin translation of Dioscorides, with a good commentary, and in his

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laudable pus, which, although combated by Mondeville, Paracel-

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monographs on the contagion of typhoid fever (1819-29),^ which

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followed by the constantly reiterated "Bene, bene." The famous Juro is then

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Other quack oculists of importance in their day were Dr. Grant,

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through friends, to take holy orders and to get an excellent medical

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stimuli, and by the direct inheritance of these acquired characters. Like

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chemistry, was perhaps the first after Weber to apply mathematical physics

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for example, this little note which Garth scribbled to Sir Hans

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between surgery and medicine which had existed since Avicenna's

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sworn to the three articles of medical faith, viz., to obey all laws and observe

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the surgeons were given their own autonomy through the creation

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puerperal convulsions, epilepsy, epidemic parotitis, and some other

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case of mollities ossium (1742), and ranks with theessays of Huxham

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his method of staining the kidney-cells by the injection of indigo-carmin into

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of its pleasures. He was physician in chief to the celebrated hos-

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Scandinavian, Slavic or Celtic, Roman or Polynesian, have been

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┬╗Mott: Am. Jour. Med. Sc, Phila., 1828, iii, 100-108.

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(1890-93).^® After trying out the remedy in man, Behring began