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distinguished renal cysts from renal hydatids; described endocar-
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the pleasant streets of Louvain and hear him discourse on the
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brain to those of the skull (craniometry), and to this end devised the
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Guillaume Dupujrtren (1777-1835), who was at once a shrewd diag-
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and loss of equiUbrium, section of an individual canal producing
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the mystic power of numbers. He held that unity being perfec-
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moral, sexual and intellectual traits of the individual^ their size being propor-
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Constantinus, Africanus, Nicolaus Salernitanus and iEgidius Cor-
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Anathomia was completed in 1316 and first published at Padua in
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these last were about thirty clinical cases, giving the names of
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rich mine of novel facts and original ideas, and introduces two new
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this place to need no more than the briefest sketch, as a scientific
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^ Usually Triticum caninumj Cynosurus cristcUus, and Agrosiis canina for
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county, a scheme which was provided for by Mr. Lloyd George in
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in 1633 by George Buller, who charged 30s. apiece for pills and £37 10s. the
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woman was treated with a volley of oaths and a douche of cold
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ology at the Ck)ll^e de France, and was admitted to the Academic
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The derivatives of bile were studied bv Th^nard (1809), GmeUn (1826), Platt-
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ascending neuritis (1861), and he was, with Addison and Duchenne
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were struck in rapid succession upon the anvil, the chords elicited
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universal system of inhibitions ; from the moment that a second
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all quarters, and, in 1899, he dedicated the Pathological Museum,
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Vedantic practices of the various Swamis and Mahatmas who oc-
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bodies move according to fixed laws, the sounds produced by them
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tion, and his book publicly destroyed. Thus it has happened
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Hunter remains one of the great all-around biologists like Haller
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tative force" in the liquids, which, Needham maintained, had been
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the analysis of the diseases of deficiency, are eluded by im-
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Malpighi's discovery of the capillary anastomosis in the lungs
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logic errors of his time, particularly those of Willis, who located
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• J. F. Meckel: De quinto pare nervorum cerebri, Gottingen, 1748.
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often regarded with horror or veneration, as one possessed of
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the priests and the philosophers only, but also the astrologers
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nold of Villanova terms them " vitrea vocata conspicilia, " and Guy de Chauliac,
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diction. The chancellor then proposed a question of religious or literary char-
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testing the temperature, of the water in the tub. The different
baclofen (lioresal) a muscle relaxant
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the tramps of the period, who, in spite of Henry VIII's statute
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burg (1685), to the plague of grasshoppers in Silesia and Thuringia (1693), hard
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pores in the ventricular septum diverted all speculation into the
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tures of Hippocrates, and many have supposed, on this slender
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on his statue, "Je le pansay, Dieu le guarit." Par^ invented
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