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pulmonary circulation (1872); and the vasodilator effect produced by heat

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and Joanna Stevens, a widow, who, in 1739, actually succeeded in

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was as definite and far reaching as that of the Fabrica. The seven-

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established at Madrid (1763) and Coimbra (1773), and the garden of

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extracted teeth, and his examination or "Meistersttick" consisted

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may be that even Pare was much influenced by Palissy ; if not

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personality has been admirably conveyed in the reminiscences of his

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such as no absolute monarch could have enforced.* The early American tracts

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Specimens of the Lasstafelkunst (Horoscopic Medicine or Judicial Aa-

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such as no absolute monarch could have enforced.* The early American tracts

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ical proof of Haller's doctrme of specific irritability; his investigations of carbon

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Pliny. In Leonicenus' day, this was a feat of the rarest intellectual

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on the Principles and Practice of Physic, " published in 1843 by

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fessor of the subject was Robert Elliot, who assumed his Edinburgh chair in

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what we give," in the possession of a cheerful, manly, and generous

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idea of plan and elevation is freely resorted to. As a lecturer,

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burton (London, 1901), A. B. Macallum, and Menten (1906).

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Josef Skoda (1805-81), of Pilsen, Bohemia, was the leading

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1 C. White: Phil. Tr., London, 1769, lix, 39-46, 1 pi.

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occasioned by the struggles and distress of the patient, could now

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and interesting writer on artistic anatomy and natiiral history,

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again prevalent along the Danube and in the Ukraine (1734), and, in 1743, cost

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Electricity" (1792). Volta divided conductors of electricity into

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Otology was very materially advanced in the eighteenth cen-

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means of diagnosis. In 1891, the Institute for Infectious Diseases was founded

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and did important work upon reenforcement of the knee-jerk

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hved ten years, the parts being dissected eight years later

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theistic doctrine that the soul or nature of man is absorbed into

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to the building of so-called anatomic theaters, notably those at

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chansons and epics, the miracle plays and moralities furnish us the

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of the medical sciences to reinforce the lesson of their profound

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1861), of Cassel, and Leopold Gmelin (1788-1853), of Gottingen.

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offhand style of lecturing, and his keen, often sarcastic, humor.

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Thomas Willis (1621-75), a Wiltshire farmer's son, who

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struments; in Germany, by VirchoWj who was an expert in craniology^ and took

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were akin to the great pathbreakers of the period, Vesalius, Para-

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tion is hard to understand ; it is hard to see how a man can

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with the first perforation of the tympanic membrane for deafness

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year (1853)," Oilman Kunball (1804-92), of Lowell, Massachusetts, first per-

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took an entirely new turn in the work of one of its greatest figures,

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aside from its pompous title,^ he is supposed to have employed


Covino. The epidemic had at least this good effect, that it led the

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cated in the gymnasium of his native town, and took his medical

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graph, and cable. In this way, specialties like ophthalmology,

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eases of children (1583). The pediatric treatise of Sebastianus Austrius (1540)

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papers, than in our own. The awakening of the people to looking

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not in accordance with modem practice, they are the only thing of

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2 'OiftdXfjuhSovXelay das ist, Augendienat, Dresden, 1583.

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of all this high-flown verbiage, the actual Paracelsus, was a capable

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peace. Apart from such "priests" and the medical men proper,

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success as a practitioner. John Arbuthnot (" Martinus Scriblerus "

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Juro^ the President (Praeses), placed the square bonnet upon his head, alter

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hydrotherapy, massage, clysters, local applications, and sparing

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with that peculiar halo of respect which has been preserved by all

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being little mortality and no possibility of convection of the disease by the vac-

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as the main objects of interest, and medicine was taught as a mere

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a host of observers, from Rolando and Magendie on. Rolando likened the cere-

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another, £1, and, for an outside visit of two days' duration, £1 10s.

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as a chemist's sign for nearly two hundred years, discovered

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tion (1868) is now mainly memorable for his attempt to explain

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