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Flomax Avodart Side Effects

from full to hollow, clear to dull, tympanitic to muffled, high to

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features of al^subsequent reigns to the time of William of Orange, who treated

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Johann Christian Reil (1759-1813), of Eastern Frisia, professor

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the liver and cerebral disease. Sir Samuel Wilks further records

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first accounts of cerebrospinal meningitis by Gaspard Vieusseux (1746-1814)

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sculptor Seffner to construct a bust in clay which was at once recog-

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vesting as a cause of human misery, is strikingly shown in the curious Konv-

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» W. Cheselden; Phil. Tr., London, 1728, xxxvi. 447.

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w Ludwig and Schmiedeberg: Ibid.y 1871, xxiii, 148-170.

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which was successful.^ He also made the first complete excision of

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master-worker in the science which sustained one of its gravest

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experiments of Goltz upon dogs deprived of the spinal cord (1874), and the

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author calls the '^couchers and eye-destroyers" of his time. The

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most of his predecessors had abandoned as incurable. Getting his

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the most distinguished authority on surgery in the fourteenth and

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Ernst WiHielm von Briicke Legallois (1826) and Flourens (1837)

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and so standardized it for modem procedure.^ In addition, he severed the dog's

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at Padua (1599-1603) as a pupil of Fabricius and Casserius, and

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drifted over from far Byzantium, but the evidence of the Niebel-

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wise indestructible and impossible of creation. This had actually been demon-

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Virchow derived the inspiration for his life-work from Johannes

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phrastus of Eresos (370-286 B. C), who was also a physician, and

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which, as in the poppy, the foxglove and the calabar bean, antago-

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have visited."^ MonkemoUer's researches on Grerman psychiatry

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Tubingen (1864-72), and professor of physiological chemistry at

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is, I believe, rare in animals. What is the relation of the mucin

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* Balfour: Jour. Anat. and Physiol., London, 1876-78, passim.

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clinical medicine, in that he collated the loose plant-lore of the

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serum as a preservative, and invented the beatable object-

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bone (1860) and Corti's discoveries in the finer anatomy of the

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which drove the hermits to the desert and foimded the monas-

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mathematician Cayley defined bookkeeping as a perfect science.

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out of teaching at the university, where the professors were ceU-

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medicine and by substituting the use of the cautery for the knife.

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» T. S. Perry: The Evolution of the Snob, Boston, 1887, pp. 57-60.

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medical profession in London for over thirty years, his income

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the ear, as also a trocar, a cannula, and a hygroscope. His medical

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experience of being pensioned oflf at seventy, retiring to a hermit-

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them fictitious), and studying their bodily structure. He noted

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Eiver Dee (Aberdeenshire) which was held to make barren women

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this surgical treatises.^ Petit's pupil, Dominique Anel (1628-1725),

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Anatomie. Med.-Ztg. (Verein f. Heilk. in Preussen), Berlin, 1846, xv, Lit. Bei-

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only surgeon who coidd have taught them properly. In Ireland,

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most important service to therapeutics by dispelling current super-

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with mdwelling spirits in all things, was applied to whatever could

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mind, their intensive modes of thought and their appreciation of

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exploration. In the first edition (1819), Laennec pursues the

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them to the profane until they have been initiated into the mysteries of the

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